What are Bed Bugs?

• Bed Bugs are small, flat, oval, reddish-brown parasitic insects

• Adult Bed Bugs can grow from 4-5 mm in length and 1.5-3.0 mm wide

• The lifespan of Bed Bugs vary depending on species and the availability of food sources

• Normally Bed Bugs feed every five to ten days

• Bed Bugs can typically survive anywhere from six to twelve months

How do Bed Bugs affect humans?

• Bed Bugs live by feeding on humans or animals

• They are mainly active at night, feeding on humans during their sleep

• Bed Bug bites can lead to a range of skin problems including skin rashes, and allergic symptoms

Where are Bed Bugs commonly found?

• Bed Bugs are often found in beds and bedding where people sleep

• Bed Bugs also can be found in areas around their food source including furniture, soft materials, luggage, and floor clutter

How do Bed Bugs infestations occur?

• Bed Bugs are carried by people visiting from another location that is infested with Bed Bugs, such as nearby dwellings

• Bed Bugs are also carried on items such as clothing, blankets, mattresses, pillows, towels, luggage and boxes of miscellaneous materials

• Bugs are also carried on household pets as well as some non-domesticated animals

What are the treatment options for Bed Bugs?

• Professional pest control companies can control Bed Bugs with a variety of treatment options

Can treatment by Pest Control Companies prevent Re-Infestation?

• A new infestation of Bed Bugs can occur immediately after treatments performed by pest control companies

• Presently there does not seem to be any treatments that can prevent re-infestation