Field Inspections and Reports

• Site Inspections & preparation of field inspection reports

• Identification of Hazardous Conditions and Assessment of Resultant Damage

• Photographic Documentation of Hazardous Conditions and Resultant Damage

Laboratory Testing for Mold Speciation

• Field investigation of mold contamination

• Mold sampling: Air Sampling, Swab Sampling and Bulk Sampling

• Preparation of samples for Microscopic Laboratory Analysis, or Laboratory Cultures

• Interpretation of laboratory results

Remediation Specifications

• Analyze field data and prepare recommendations, as requested by client

• Research for deposition and trial testimony

• Prepare Corrective Recommendations to eliminate moisture intrusion

• Prepare procedures and costs of repair for fungus/dryrot repairs

• Prepare complete Mold Remediation Specification

• Cost of Repair Estimate

Deposition, Arbitration, Mediation and Trial Testimony

• Trial presentations: PowerPoint, Word and Excel

• Extensive library of scientific studies and analyses

• Experience testimony for all types of trials